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ECLYPT Automatic Authentication – Good for Tablet Computers

Monday, December 23rd, 2013

ViaSat UK have improved the functionality of the PAE (Pre-Authentication Environment) of ECLYPT Core 200 FIPS validated Drives, allowing a single token to be designated the authomatic authentication token.

When an account configured for Token only authentication is designated and the correct Token is inserted, the ECLYPT Core 200 Drive is automatically unlocked and the computer protected by the ECLYPT Core 200 Drive is turned on:

  1.  the Token’s digital password is checked;
  2. if it is correct the ECLYPT Drive is unlocked and
  3. the Computer automatically boots its operating system – providing full access to its internal hard drive whose data is immediately decrypted as it is required.

The ECLYPT Automatic Authentication functionality was developed for:

  • the Panasonic CF-D1 TabletPanasonic CF-D1
  • and another bespoke computers system.
  • However we are extending this concept for other higher protectively marked systems.

For For further information on ECLYPT Core Hard Drive Automatic Authentication, just email

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