Why ECLYPT Hardware Encryption is best

  • 1. Fully Encrypted Hard Drive Enclosed within:
  • 2.Tamper evident case. Proves that the integral drive, encryption key and electronics haven¬ít been attacked,
    even if tamper evident labels or ECLYPT Core have been removed from the drive bay cover.
  • 3.Tampering with this layer destroys the encryption key and electronics.

ECLYPT how it works picture

  • 4. Key held on ECLYPT Encryption electronics allows ECLYPT Core to be moved to another computer to keep your system working.
  • 5. Encryption is done inside the ECLYPT Core so it does not slow down the host computer. ECLYPT Core is operating system independent allowing upgrade to a new operating system for no extra cost.
  • 6. Integral drive cannot be overwritten prior to authentication preventing denial of service attacks.
  • 7. Hardware emergency key purge
  • 8. SATA connector can only read data decrypted after strong authentication succeeded, preventing network and key discovery attacks.
  • 9. Case's thermal characteristics prevent Cold Boot attack.

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