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Skyfall with ECLYPT = no film

Monday, November 5th, 2012

The latest James Bond film starts with the theft of a laptop hard drive.

Watching Skyfall should be compulsory for all managers responsible for data security - it shows the range of threats and corresponding attacks.

If the list was stored on an ECLYPT Core Drive the data on the stolen drive would have been secure and 007 would not have to retrieve it - so the Sam Mendes would be filming another plot.

However if MI6 used one of ViaSat UK's software competitors solutions, the list would have still been compromised.

  1. Ripping out the hard drive, made it obvious that it was tampered with, however:
  2. a professional spy would have removed the valuable drive with a screw driver and performed a disk copy.
  3. 'M' would not have even known, but
  4. if an ECLYPT Core Drive was used the theft would have been obvious, so the imbedded agents could be withdrawn.
  5. Also the ECLYPT Core Drive's tamper respondant layer would have destroyed the decryption electronics.
  6. So with ECLYPT Core Drive no film no compromise

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