ECLYPT RAID Installation in Getac B300

ECLYPT supports software RAID, including Microsoft's built in RAID in Windows 2003 Server.
GETAC B300+ECLYPT Encrypted Drive+ECLYPT Encrypted Drive=RAID 1

ViaSat UK tested and proved this on a Getac B300 where they installed 2 x ECLYPT 120GB Core 600 Drives:

  • Disk0 into the standard drive bay (on right hand side of the B300) and
  • Disk1 in the CD RoM Drive bay caddie adaptor (on left hand side of the B300).
  1. The GETAC B300 BIOS setting: SATA controller was changed to compatibility mode.
  2. Windows Server 2003 was installed on Disk0.
    BIOS update (R1.19.070520d) was loaded and updated using win 98 boot disk.
  3. Downloaded Getac drivers from Web site - as you need to ensure that the Chipset and RAID drivers are installed to enable the ECLYPT Drives to be seen by the Windows operating system.

Upon simulating a Drive failure - by removing Disk0 turning the power back on - and after authenticating the other ECLYPT drive it automatically booted from Disk1, proving that not only
can 2 ECLYPT Drives operate as a RAID 1 but that the RAID 1 recovery also works.


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